Giggly Feet

About Us


Giggly Feet

Giggly Feet is a supervised indoor playroom. Our facilities provide an outlet to the children to exert their energy while building confidence through social interaction. The Giggly Feet crew will challenge the children to reach, think, interact, and explore whilst having fun during the entire play time.


Giggly Ideas

Our Giggly Feet crew are always on the lookout to provide a safe and clean environment for the children. Our ideas are focused on building confidence through play and social interaction, working with the children's fine motor skills as well as gross motor skills throughout their development years. Toys and merchandise sold at Giggly Feet are specially selected, to ensure that the children will not get bored with the toys easily. It is affordable and will enable parents to have interactive play time with their children at home.


Giggly Feet Crew

Giggly Feet Crew work to provide maximum fun for the children and nurture them through play and interaction.